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Ensuring the success of an event takes on heightened significance when the client is a renowned humanitarian organisation and the futures of people in need are on the line. In such critical scenarios, we are grateful for our partners and clients who favour transparent communication, forming a foundation for impactful collaboration.

The client entrusted us with the comprehensive design of an accelerator event focusing on innovators operating in the African continent – a responsibility we were thrilled to embrace since it provided us with an opportunity to deliver outstanding results across a variety of creative fields and working with an exceptional network of professionals.

From the sweeping savannahs to the towering peaks of its mountain ranges, and down to its vibrant cities, Africa captivates with its breathtaking terrain. Using a collection of aerial photography, we sought to capture the essence of this diversity, celebrating the lush greens and myriad landscapes that define this extraordinary part of the world.

Deliverables included the design of multiple animated screens alongside a diverse array of printed materials. These included on-location signage as well as environmentally conscious backlit displays, reflecting a commitment to sustainability in our creative endeavours.

With the introduction video we wanted to set the stage for a memorable event. The expansive canvas of the ultra-wide display allowed us to immerse the audience in a panoramic journey, using every pixel to showcase intricate details and dynamic vistas. The music was carefully selected and synchronised with the animations to complement the tone of the event, creating a harmonious fusion of sight and sound.


Animations by Sebastian Rasche