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Changing the Narrative

Sound design for a game about media bias


Media Bias Group

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Sound Design



The Media Bias Group is an interdisciplinary European research network working on the identification of media bias and unbalanced coverage. As part of their mission to understand how and why humans perceive news content as one-sided, they started developing a game that would be both educational and whimsical.

After seeing an early prototype in action, we began creating a set of sound effects to give the final version its own unique sonic identity.

We were fortunate to visit the game’s creators in Tokyo and experience their work up close. As we ventured through Japan’s bustling metropolis, it dawned on us: why not utilize its abundant range of soundscapes as inspiration for our own creative endeavors?

With a fairly minimal setup, including a portable stereo microphone, a midi controller and a pair of headphones, we captured sounds all over the city. These served as the foundation for creating distinct audio files using Ableton Live and a carefully selected set of digital effects.

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