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It’s not so bad!

Designing a large-format gallery newspaper


Galerie Kronsbein

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Editorial Design



For Munich’s Kronsbein Gallery we developed a large-format newspaper that impressively illustrates the overwhelming creativity and attitude to life of the renowned art house. 

In the heart of Munich, in close proximity to the noble Maximilianstrasse, the entrepreneur and patron of the arts Dirk G. Kronsbein transformed his private art salon in 2013 into a professional and internationally famous platform. The gallery, conceived as a place of encounter and intensive exchange, quickly became a hotspot for modern and contemporary art.

Today the gallery focuses on Pop Art and Urban Art, and the list of world-famous artists Kronsbein was able to bring to Munich is as long as it is impressive: from Andy Warhol to Roy Lichtenstein, from Banksy to Blek le Rat, from Shepard Fairey to Giuseppe Veneziano.

Veneziano’s work “La solitudine dei numeri due” (“The loneliness of the number two”) crowns the cover of the first issue of our gallery newspaper with a pinch of humour. A motif in which one would like to take Robin, eternally in the shadow of his mentor Batman, in a comforting embrace and encourage him: “It’s not so bad!”.


Concept by Lehmeier:Sollacher

Images by Gallery Kronsbein, artists, private

Copy by Annette Lehmeier, Alexandra Korimorth

Printing by Desing Druck & Medien